Friday, February 7, 2014

These Days

It's been a cold, snowy week around here.  I had a chance to do a good bit of focused thinking about what exactly I'm doing, homeschool-wise, over the past weekend, and that has helped.  Small steps, at least, and sometimes that makes all the difference.

The boys have been loving the snow.  Yesterday afternoon while I shoveled they created a mound and then began excavating a cave out of one side.  There is something magical about creating an actual little room, or tunnel or building from snow - to be able to curl up almost entirely surrounded by snow, like a little animal.

One morning - maybe it was yesterday - the snow itself was magical, glittering and sparking in the sunlight shining through the trees.  Today is sunny again and it is wonderful to see; to stop mid-shovelful and close my eyes, my face turned toward its light.

I've been wanting to try making up some spritzers with essential oils but kept hesitating to try it, or putting it to the end of the list (where it inevitably gets lost).  Today I made up two, and was a little embarrassed at how long it took me to get to them, based on how quickly it all went.  Simple, but they make me happy in their pretty blue jars and imperfect labels.

We're taking a break from the Little House books at the moment (or at least I am - they are reading through them with Jim, up to Farmer Boy, now).  We read Dog of Discovery, which was gifted to us by a friend and which we all enjoyed.  Today we finished My Side of the Mountain, which was wonderful.  Right up until the end, which D found heartbreaking.  Which was so sad, because he loved(s) the book.  But to him it did not end happily, and he cried and cried.  As we talked about it, though, I asked him how he would have liked a certain part to go, and he immediately stopped crying and got all excited about the possibility of re-writing the story in the way that he wished it would go.  So we did, me re-reading parts and taking dictation for the changes he wanted.  It was one of those moments where you hit on the right thing at the right moment, and your heart feels a little bit like bursting with the goodness of it, and gratefulness for the reaffirmation that you're on the right path after all.  (Now if I can just conjure up a little inspiration for how to navigate his big plans for recopying all of the book - with his changes, of course - to create our own book... But for now, I'm enjoying the goodness.)


  1. I am going to have to make more of that lavender spray... :-) we enjoy Little House books here also... have a blessed weekend. m.

  2. we love My Side of the Mountain! And what a great way to keep the story going. :) My kids tell me that sometimes they imagine the story going on, what would happen, etc.