Tuesday, February 25, 2014


These boys turned seven over the weekend ("that's almost 10!").  According to them, it was the best, "too much" good stuff.  Special meals, presents, Grandma(s) made cakes, time together... lots of goodness indeed.

D has been keeping a secret for a couple months now, that has been bursting at his seams.  He was waiting until his birthday, then he came down the stairs with a small package behind his back, wrapped and labeled by him, with that wonderful "I have a secret" smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.  He had made each of the three of us a little cut paper picture, each with its own design - mine is dew drops and a twig.  It was one of those truly precious moments that make your heart feel like bursting.

G received a handsaw to add to his tool collection, and immediately pulled Jim outside to do a project with it (stilts), and then happily sawed away at random pieces of board.  I stopped by at one point, and was treated to the way he so earnestly explains himself when he is so deeply excited and proud of what he is doing and thinking and figuring out.  It makes me happy.

Typing this, I just realized that these two moments - D with his secret, and G with his saw - they are both moments where the pureness of them, of each of these not-so-little-anymore boys just shone through, and that is why they are the moments of the weekend that I want to stay in my heart and mind, filed away, to remind me of the privilege it is to watch them grow. 


  1. These two moments capture D and G so well!

  2. So wonderfully said! Happy birthday to your boys. My youngest turned 7 a short while ago as well. It's an adventurous age...that still little, but wanting to be big phase.

  3. Yes, what a magical age...not little anymore, but not yet 10! I love how they each had their own way of coming to this special day...

    Hug to you -- and birthday hugs to your boys!