Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Remember: You Are Exploring

I have been feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed about homeschooling lately.  Overwhelmed because I've fallen behind and am constantly trying to catch up with myself and not get run over.  Paralyzed because there are just so many options and possibilities and ways of homeschooling out there, and I just feel lost. 

We started on a clear path, but that path wasn't working, so I set it aside to try something new.  But I'm finding that trying to reinvent things in the middle of it all is really hard (for me, at least).  We went from following a Waldorf curriculum to a whole lot of unstructured time, with a few attempts at structure (that weren't too steady, given my lack of confidence in it all).  And my mind has been churning around and around trying to work out just what to do, all while attempting to juggle each day and its various adventures.

This week I've been talking over email with someone who is on the other side of all of this and has the perspective of someone who lived the worries and all the times of trying to figure it out and who has also gotten to see the results.  She sent me an email today that was so very heartening and reassuring, exactly when it was needed, and I'm feeling so thankful for these words and the reminder of what I'm doing.
when we strike out on our own, we're in uncharted territory.  we're figuring a new path.  our own path.  we may run into poison ivy (but then we turn around) or we may discover a gold mine in the're fine.  you're good. you're not going to believe that in your heart of hearts but just remember.  you are not lost.  you are exploring.


  1. Annie...those days will happen. Just breathe deeply and go with the flow. Like you friend are not lost, just exploring. m.

  2. Dear Anne, such wise words. It is true, when we venture onto the road less traveled it can be frightening at times- and harder to find support from others, as there aren't so many there with you!
    For us, we have done things a bit differently each year, as we all grow and change. I have worked on finding a place of peace, faith, and acceptance that all is, and will be well. :)

  3. Thank you both :) It's funny how sometimes being reassured that you don't have to have it all (and you won't have it all) figured out *right now* can make you feel like you actually do know what you're doing more than you thought.