Monday, February 10, 2014

A Giveaway

I'm feeling the need to clear out this house - maybe it's this midwinter time.  Last year I made up a few beginning quiltmaking kits, intended for kids just learning how to sew, for my Etsy shop, and they just never sold.  So, I decided that rather than hanging on to them, such that they are just sitting on my shelf, I'd like to give them away, if anyone's interested, so that they can be enjoyed as intended.  They come in a fabric pouch with a pattern, all the fabric and batting you'll need, a little needle book and thread.  If you're interested, just leave a comment by Thursday and I'll pick two folks at random Friday morning.

 ** Thanks for your interest!  I wish I had kits to send everyone! **
But, my two helpers chose the following names this morning to receive the two kits I do have:

Plain and Joyful Living
(please be in touch so I can get your mailing address!)



  1. Annie, how sweet. I absolutely love the fabric colors!

  2. Oh, my 6 year old, who is loving the sewing machine, would have so much fun with this (as would I, given that I want to make a quilt but am so intimidated by it!).

    Thank you for your generosity

  3. Oh I know Sarah would love to make one.
    I know just what you mean, Annie, about decluttering... we feel like we may be heading toward a move which may mean a smaller house so we are working on one drawer, etc at a time so at least we will be prepared.
    Thinking of you!

  4. I don't need the kit but could you email me the instructions for making the kit. I have plenty of fabric and I would love to make something like this for my 2 year old. wickkett at Thanks! ---Laurie

  5. You know me...the more projects the better! I have aspirations to quilt a big quilt quilt...maybe I should be starting small! Count me in!